Security Audit Services

Security audit is the high-level description of the many ways organizations can test and assess their overall security posture, including cybersecurity.Regular audits can catch new vulnerabilities and unintended consequences of organizational change, and on top of that, they are required by law for some industries – most notably medical and financial.

Verify that your current security strategy is adequate or not,Check that your security training efforts are moving the needle from one audit to the next.Reduce cost by shutting down or repurposing extraneous hardware and software that you uncover during the audit.Security audits uncover vulnerabilities introduced into your organization by new technology or processes.Prove the organization is compliant with regulations – HIPAA, SHIELD, CCPA, GDPR, etc

BAVISTA’s dedicated team of cyber security experts helps organisations to conduct a fair 3rd party IT security audit conducted and reported by certified professionals in their domain.

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